The Convenience

Do you really want strangers at your home?

Why Barnfield Cars is a better option than selling your car privately

Buyers expect to pay less for a private purchase. As a dealer with full dealer facilities I can get more for your car and in many instances can give you close to what you are expecting to get privately, without the hassle.

You will have to keep the car immaculate in anticipation of that elusive viewing for the duration of your advert. Just clean it the once, I will come to view and make you a good offer, once I’ve agreed to buy it there’s no need to clean it again.

It costs money to advertise your car. Do you advertise on Autotrader? do you advertise on eBay motors? do you advertise on Motors? or do you also advertise in the local press? To stand a chance you need to consider both online and paper marketing which can run into £hundreds, especially if you have to repeat ads. Advertising costs eat away at your net expectations.

Private buyers expect to haggle on price. Regardless of how cheap you think your car is someone will always want a deal, hence reducing your net expectation even further.

Do you really want a group of strangers around your family home? I can provide many testimonials from private sellers to partners in international law firms, giving you comfort in our integrity.

Do you want to wait in for someone to turn up? It’s a fact that people will be early or late and in many cases simply won’t turn up.

Does the buyer want a test drive? Unless the buyer has motor trade insurance they aren’t comprehensively insured, you are not only potentially breaking the law but taking a huge risk in the event of an incident regardless of blame. It’s not uncommon for cars to be hijacked on a test drive, especially prestige, sports and 4x4s.

How do you get paid? Under UK money laundering regulations cash over ¬£5000 has to be explained when paid into a UK bank, not only can’t you justify where the buyer got the money from but how do you know the money isn’t fake? Also consider that you have to wait for a cheque to clear and with lots of counterfeit bank drafts in circulation you are taking a huge risk unless you physically get cleared funds in your account. it’s catch 22 because a seller won’t release the goods until they are paid for and the buyer won’t pay for them unless they have them!

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