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WBAC don’t give you what they claim, regardless of what Phillip Schofield’s annoying TV ad tells you. Even if your car is in absolutely impeccable condition and still has the wrapper around it you will get hit with fees!

WBAC is owned by British Car Auctions (BCA) and cars are sold at their own auction houses under the UK Car Group (UKCGR) banner. Auctions are attended by trade buyers who will only pay a trade price, therefore WBAC can only offer you less than trade price as they have to make a huge margin to cover the branch, admin and logistics overheads. Typically on a prestige, sports & 4×4 the difference between the price WBAC pay you and the price achieved through BCA can be into £thousands, money that will be in your pocket if you sell to me.

WBAC staff are paid on profit and are incentivised to give as little as possible for your car. At Barnfield Cars you will deal with the trusted owner who will give you as much as possible for your car.

WBAC will substantially deviate from their online offer for minor chips, scuffs, etc. Once viewed, the price I offer is the price that you get, I won’t insult your intelligence by attempting to reduce the value of your car by £hundreds for entitled stone chips, at the end of the day it’s a used car.

WBAC don’t come to you and only have branches in large towns or cities.
We come to you, even to remote locations.

WBACs offer is only valid for 7 days. My offer is valid anytime within the same month up to the 25th, excluding December where it’s up to the 20th.

WBAC standard payment terms are 4 days. I pay instantly or prior to collection

WBAC charges a transaction fee. I don’t

WBAC charges a payment fee if you want your money quicker than their standard terms. I don’t and I pay instantly

On all cars that match my retail profile, I guarantee to not only offer a better service but to pay more than

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