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Eldon Stevens - Founder of Barnfield Cars
Princess Diana BMW
Daily Express November 1995


Meet Eldon. Founder of Barnfield Cars, his expertise spans over three decades across multiple franchises, up to the early millennium where he managed the sales & buying team within the BMW brand.

At the turn of the millennium when Plc’s were aggressively buying up the last few remaining privately-owned dealers, and people were soon to became invoice numbers Eldon decided it was time to go it alone, although he had much success in the corporate world he knew with his loyal following and personable character the timing was right to grow a prestige car sourcing business, something that the impersonal Plc’s couldn’t deliver.

Through trust and discretion, Eldon has gained and maintained an envied client base from all counties of the UK, his clients come from professional sport, media, parliament, small to medium enterprises, and royal households including the late Princess Diana. Eldon has sourced thousands of prestige cars across many brands, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Range Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo to name a few.

Far distanced from the faceless internet car buying websites, Eldon affords the time and commitment to each enquiry, ensuring that your vehicle is valued accurately and not by a computer, more to the point, he sources cars directly to satisfy his long-established client base or to stock the showroom, ensuring that each seller gets the highest possible price.

Eldon is FCA licensed, a seasoned industry professional who is always happy to share his expertise and advise accordingly, where he has regularly featured in both regional and national press. Operating impartially without a tie and proudly without the restraints or circus associated with what a consumer would experience when trying to sell a car to a main dealer, or worse still, trying to sell to the likes of webuyanycar where their face-to-face offer always differs greatly from the computer-generated desktop estimate.

Once asked “Who is your nearest competitor?”, he replied “I don’t think we have one, to date, we aren’t aware of any other company who has matched our service level

If you are looking for none obligatory advice or to get a gauge on the market to see if the timing is right to sell your car, then Eldon welcomes your call, email, DM, or Whatsapp where you are guaranteed a courteous approach always leading to a favourable proposal, all backed by his personal price guarantee.


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