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Areas of Sheffield I love buying cars from

30 June 2024 · Eldon - Barnfield Cars

I've been buying nice cars from the great people of Sheffield, South Yorkshire since 1989. I come to you, and offer a better price and service than any other company, guaranteed.

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Top tips to help you evaluate the worth of your car

27 May 2024 · Eldon - Barnfield Cars

Ready to part ways with your car but unsure of its worth and where to start? Knowing your car’s market value is crucial when selling second-hand. This guide will help you value your car accurately, ensuring you make informed decisions when selling. Let's get started!

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Top Tips for Advertising Your Car

13 March 2024 · Eldon - Barnfield Cars

When you’re advertising your car in attempt to attract a private buyer you have to consider many factors giving priority to honesty, your description needs to be "sticky" so make it as compelling as possible, loaded with accurate facts.

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Motorway, Are They the Estate Agents of the Motor Trade?

12 October 2023 · Eldon - Barnfield Cars

There is no denying that the industry has witnessed its fair share of new kids on the block, but many fail when the venture capitalist investor looses appetite, especially when they start to haemorrhage £millions. In recently submitted accounts Motorway lost a huge £43.6 million!

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Will the New Defender Hold It's Value?

20 October 2022 · Eldon - Barnfield Cars

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Do You Want to Sell Your Porsche?

6 October 2021 · Eldon - Barnfield Cars

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