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Reasons why you should consider selling your car to Barnfield

23 May 2021 · Eldon - Barnfield Cars

Land Rover Dealership

Typically main dealers will only retail cars from the same manufacturer they hold the franchise for, up to 30,000 miles or 3 years old – if your car falls outside of this criteria you will be financially better off by not part exchanging. I buy cars up to 10 years old and 45,000 miles. My cars are hand-picked from private sellers or main dealers who cannot retail cars just like yours due to franchise restrictions, age, and mileage. So cut out the middle man and sell directly to Barnfield Cars!

Main dealers are restricted by the manufacturer and can generally only sell the same make of new & used cars. That is why you won’t see a used BMW on an Audi forecourt or a used Range Rover on a Mercedes forecourt, etc. If the truth is known they don’t really want your non-franchise part exchange, as they have to get at least three trade bids to get the car underwritten and then have to dispose of it, it’s all hassle they don’t want. We operate as an independent, without restrictions. Regardless of manufacturer, we buy all prestige, sports, and SUVs.

Typically main dealers are funded by banks, finance companies, or the actual manufacturer, these lenders can restrict the amount a dealer can pay for a car. i.e. usually up to 80% of the trade value or around CAP average the industry standard valuation tool. We are self-funded and only answerable to ourselves, not a company accountant. We pay what a car is worth and typically always exceed the main dealer cash offer.

Main dealers need to cover huge overheads by adding big profit margins, this can make them highly uncompetitive when buying cars. we work on a very modest margin as our overhead is minimal when compared to 99% of dealers.

Main dealers have to go to someone in authority to sanction payment, and most expect you to drop off your car and then wait to get paid, typically this can take up to 5 days for clearance. We pay through the secure Faster Payments system and the money will be sat securely in your bank account before we collect your car.

The majority of main dealers belong to a group, and through no fault of their own can be restricted to funds due to other underperforming dealers within the group being overstocked, therefore their buyers can be put on hold. We have no such restrictions and will always buy cars 363 days a year regardless of market conditions.

Main dealers may tell you that they will pay more for your car because they can get more as they are a “main dealer”. This is nonsense, the price of any car is dictated by the market and the market is the internet. It’s no secret that buyers feel more comfortable buying from a dealer than privately, providing that the seller offers full dealer facilities, i.e. p/ex, finance, and warranty, it’s irrelevant whether it’s the main dealer or used car specialist.

You would have to physically take your car to the main dealer for them to view it and then take it back again if they agreed to buy it, taking up many hours of time. We will come to you to view, agree on a price and then pay & collect your car. A totally hassle-free experience!

If you are looking to sell your car then would very much like to hear from you, as we are the UK’s leading independent buyer and never knowingly outbid. Most importantly when dealing with Barnfield you will be communicating with a partner in the business, not an employee who is has a salary that is weighted toward offering less for your car!

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