Selling Your Car – FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions are published below, however, if your query isn't satisfied then please get in touch

Why don’t you value cars?
Due to the increased volume of cars offered on a daily basis, we are no longer able to offer valuations. Our aim is to focus on the sellers where they are ready to sell with a price in mind. We just ask for transparency and endeavour to match realistic price expectations.
How do you pay for my car?

We pay securely via HSBC bank transfer, your car doesn’t leave your possession until you are in receipt of the cleared funds.

Does your verbal offer change when you collect my car?

If you have described your car accurately we never deviate from our verbal offer. All we can ask is that you are 100% honest, if you have any scratches, dents, or chips, just tell us it’s fine.

Can you settle my finance?

We are regulated and licensed by the FCA and authorised to settle any agreement in advance of the settlement date.

Do you charge fees?

We do not charge any fees.

Where are you located?

We have a Central, Northern, and Southern office, but we come to you to view and collect.

What is the maximum mileage you go up to?

Typically we purchase cars up to 45,000 miles.

Do you buy cars without a service history?

Sorry no, but partial history may be acceptable subject to make and model.

What if I owe more on finance than my car is worth?

We can combine funds and settle your car within the same transaction.

Will you come to my office to view my car?

We travel up and down the UK all day and will go to your home or place of work.

What is your price promise?

We will never be knowingly beaten on price for cars that match our retail profile.

Are you a broker?

Barnfield Cars isn’t a broker, we are buying for our own retail showroom(s). Ensuring that our offer is always competitive as we aren’t paying a middleman any commission.

Do I need to do any paperwork?

We take care of everything including retaining your cherished number for you.