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sell my discovery sport

Sell my Discovery Sport

It’s hard to find an SUV that can actually go off-road, but with the Land Rover Discovery Sport there’s no need to look any further.

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Five years on from its launch and two or so years since a brief refresh the Discovery Sport is still Land Rover’s most popular, best selling vehicle. And it’s no surprise. It excels in every department. Whether you’re taking it off-road or not it’s good to know you can. Once on the roads, you’ll soon realise the Discovery Sport is a joy to not only drive but travel in. A state of the art suspension system soaks up bumps for a smooth ride. On the motorway you won’t hear a peep, it’s a silent cruiser. And unlike other SUVs on the market it’s well suited to city life due to a nine-speed gearbox and light controls. 

A state of the art 48V power unit and hybrid technology provides a greener more eco-friendly drive, although you’ll struggle to get more than 30 miles per gallon with its 240 horsepower 2 litre Diesel engine. The new technology means electricity is generated whenever you hit the brakes. But If you’re looking for something nippier and want to sell your Land Rover Discovery Sport then contact us today.

What the car lacks for in power and speed it definitely makes up for in comfort and style. A raised driving position and sophisticated interior provide extra comfort. While the all-new in-car system is convenient, yet some may find it tricky to navigate. If that’s the case then don’t worry. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both come as standard. There are extra USB slots for charging your smartphones, cup holders for all passengers, and the rearview mirror now displays a live camera feed for added convenience. 

Then there’s space and headroom, of which the Discovery Sport has plenty, perfect for those blessed with height. It also comes with a bonus of three added seats. Although they’re a little tight for adults with long legs, they’re perfect if you need to squeeze a couple more kids in the back. The boot is large too – providing the extra three seats are down – for the dogs, bikes or groceries.

If you are looking to sell your Land Rover Discovery Sport then contact us today. We take great pride in being the UK’s leading independent buyer. Please call us today on 01625 724177 for more information and to receive an offer. 

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