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Sell my Land Rover Defender

Wanted 2009 - 2016 Defender 90 & Defender 110 models - CALL 01625 724177

From 1948 to 2016

Icon & Legend, words often over used but never enough to describe the Defender, the people’s Land Rover of choice. Making its debut back in 1948 and to this day not only the world’s most capable four-wheel drive but undoubtedly the most iconic.

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Reassuringly robust, Defender’s chassis is the key ingredient within the design and is the foundation of strength, capability and durability. The box section, ladder frame design offers unrivalled strength when compared to that of an open channel design and also has more adaptability that a unibody format.

The simple architecture leads to the Defender’s sturdy position, functionality and versatility, until production finally ceased in the first quarter of 2016 the Defender was available in no fewer than thirteen body styles including Station Wagon, Hard Top, Pick Up, Double & Chassis Cabs across three wheelbases, 90, 110 & 130.

In most recent years the popularity of the 90 Station Wagon (SW) & Hard Top (H/T) along with the both the 110 SW & Utility has outgrown supply, as time goes on the nicer Land Rover’s are become harder to find, it would be fair to say that the Defender is the specialist subject of Barnfield Cars and we will always guarantee to pay the most money for a Defender will the right pedigree.

With exception to the bonnet & doors that are constructed from corrosion-resistant steel, the Defender boasts a lightweight aluminium body to not only help with fuel economy but to increase payload, the vehicles proven capabilities offer an equal mix of form and function. The corrosion-resistant body panels have improved vastly over decades, but the principle still dated all the back to the original 1948 series one Land Rover, even the cargo bed is manufactured from aluminium keeping rust away.

Taking inspiration from industrial designs of the 21st century, the Defender facia is simplistic, almost bullet proof and highly practical yet offers modern day features of comfort, the “XS” model is designed around the domestic user with, as standard, partial leather heated seating, air-conditioning, 16″ alloy wheels, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, remote-locking, CD/Radio, factory anti-theft, side steps, rear collapsible rear step and 6 speed gearbox, features not typically associated from a vehicle of such heritage.

With later, 2011 onward, Defender models powered by the blemish free 2.2 TD4 puma engine pushing a more than impressive 360Nm of torque with optimum power from as low as 2,200rpm to in excess of 4,350rpm. A Defender will comfortably sit, where the law permits, at 70+mph delivered in top gear of the light & strong six speed manual transmission, whereas true off-road capabilities are delivered through no fewer than 12 low & high ratios, whether you are towing, on tarmac or in the mountains you are always in a position of command, especially as all the line up has ABS, Traction & Dynamic Stability Control as standard.

Despite the inaccuracies of autotrader, reporting that road fund licence costs a whopping £535 per year, whereas the reality is just over £200, hence the popularity of the Defender for domestic users.

The final edition of the Land Rover Defender brochure offered a choice of no fewer than eight metallic colours with only the two solid colours, lovely Keswick Green & Fuji white, be aware that Fuji is at the back of the queue when it comes to resale though. A white Defender would only ever be seen in remote locations on behalf of utility companies to assist operatives across all terrain to erect power lines, I suppose we are trying to say that white isn’t a good colour for a Land Rover, sorry. The most desired colours, in no particular order are Santorini black, Corris grey,  Scotia grey and Aintree Green or Indus silver on the understanding that the latter two are complimented with black contrast wheels, grille, etc.

We have been privileged to view the a full size clay model of the signed off 2019 Defender 2, it would be fair to say that it won’t be iconic like the model born of 1948 to present day, we predict that values will remain strong for the current Defender but only for examples with the best possible pedigree. Take a look at our “recently sold gallery” to see how active we are in the provision of buying and selling four-wheel drive product –

We offer a professional nationwide service, when a price has been agreed we instantaneously pay you a substantial securing deposit, we then organise a convenient time to collect and in advance or upon collection we pay the remaining balance in the form of cleared funds. We are regulated by the FCA and do not take your car anywhere until you have confirmation of funds, if you have finance outstanding we have the capability to settle upon or prior to collection.

If you are looking to sell your Land Rover Defender 90 or to sell your Defender 110 then would very much like to hear from you, as we are the UK’s leading independent buyer and never knowingly outbid. Most importantly when dealing with Barnfield you will be communicating with a partner in the business not an employee who is has a pay plan that is weighted toward offering less for your car!

Please call us today on 01625 724177 for an informal conversation leading to an unrivalled offer. Please read our 5 star audited reviews from both buyers and sellers.


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